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Welcome to Kythnos!

The beautiful and picturesque island of Kythnos is the first island you meet while sailing to West Cyclades. It is sited between Kea and Serifos, at a distance of 56n.m. from Piraeus. The trip lasts for 2 hours and 40 minutes by Ferry Boat, while if you opt for the high-speed boat the duration of the trip is cut down to 1 hour and 15 minutes. There is also a boat connection with the port of Lavrio, from where you will sail for one and a half hour.

  The island is also called Thermia, due to the thermal springs in Loutra. These springs were the most important attraction for the visitors of Kythnos during the 19th and 20th century, but in the recent years they have decayed.

The northern part of the island is more heavily populated. Here we will find the village of Merihas. port of the island, Chora (the capital), Loutra and Dryopida. The southern part of Kythnos is almost uninhabited, excluding the area of Panagia Kanala and the small bay of Agios Demetrios, at the northern edge of the island, where many Athenians have built country houses during the latest years.

The island has approximately 65 beaches, which are the attraction pole for the few visitors. Most of these beaches are accessible via dirt roads, which in their majority are quite passable. There are also daily cruises by caique boat from Merihas to some of these beaches. Buses or taxis are the means of transportation around the island, but you can also rent a car or a motorbike.

The landscape of Kythnos is strictly Cycladian, namely dry and arid. But the island is particularly interesting, due to the hundreds of kilometres of dry stone wall prevailing everywhere and built in a particular local style. Kanala is the only exception, since it is surrounded by pines, perhaps because here is the church with the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, protector of the island. The scenery of Thermia is also dominated by more than 350 snow – white churches, built in every corner.

Chora, the capital of the island and Dryopida, the main village, are offered for a walk in the picturesque alleys, for coffee or dinner on the minimal cafes and restaurants, and for shopping of genuine souvenirs, such as the local pottery.

Kythnos’ picturesque alleys

Kolona beach


Merihas, the port of the island, has many rooms, restaurants, candy shops, cafe-bars and clubs, while it is also a road junction, since this is where the roads of the island start. The first road leads to Chora, Loutra, Apokrousi, Agia Irene and Castro, and the second road leads to Dryopida, Agios Demetrios, Flampouria, Lefkes and Agios Stefanos.

Kythnos has not been saturated by the tourism wave and still maintains its charms unchanged. It offers the visitors peaceful vacations, giving them, however, many opportunities to have fun.


Kalo Livadi

Panoramic View

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